What does C.A.M.P. offer?


C.A.M.P. Highlights 


C.A.M.P. is a program that is both 'for the patient' while also being 'for the provider'. How do we accomplish this? 

For the patient, we are an intuitive program that allows ease of use for patients that might struggle with vision or hearing impairments. Since many of our users are mature in age, we have made navigation simple and easy to follow. This allows the patient to participate in the program with as much independence as possible.

In doing this, we have given the provider a chance to get a comprehensive view of the patient's true skills. The provider will be able to see what the patient is able to accomplish independently, while also seeing where the patient's deficits begin. 

This program offers web-based profile that will display scoring for the assessment, which will recommend placement in the program, and also will display scoring for each session. This will allow the provider the ability to be confident in the patient's improvement in therapy.